Bylaws Violation by the NCGR Board.

Human Rights related concern.

Dear NCGR members, UAC board, UAC planning committee and everyone who is interested in this story.

As transiting Pluto makes exact opposition to NCGR's Moon, and Uranus makes an exact conjunction to the NCGR's descendant, a major scandal breaks out that has to do with these planetary energies. The Moon represents the members. The Pluto opposition can be interpreted as abuse of power and violation of members’ rights. Please feel free to interpret the rest. Find NCGR's chart and birth data here:

Please watch the WEBINAR RECORDING where you will learn about NCGR's board actions that were taken in February in violation of NCGR Bylaws. You will also learn about the incompetence of certain board members in law and regulations that govern the organisation's operations.

You will also learn about all the intricate IRS regulations that some NCGR board members call 'THE GRAY AREA' due to lack of understanding.

If you are running a non-profit organization there are things you need to know as a leader. And there shouldn't be any 'GRAY AREAS'. Gray areas cause confusion, fear, wrongful assumptions, improper decision making and room for manipulation.

As a leader of your organization, you are responsible for following and enforcing the bylaws at every meeting and every interaction with members.  

The Board of NCGR is NOT above the law. If it votes on a motion that violates the Bylaws, the vote is NULL and VOID.

As a member of a non-profit organization you have RIGHTS that the board must respect.

On February 24, 2018, during a conference call I was told that I was expelled from the NCGR membership by the vote of the NCGR Board. This happened in violation of the NCGR's Bylaws, specifically the DUE PROCESS requirement. 

The Rights to a Due Process and a Fair Trial are two of many fundamental and universal HUMAN RIGHTS. These rights are a part of our US Constitution and Bylaws of all non-profit organizations.

Sample of Human Rights (an extract from the referenced below article):

  • The right to a fair trial and due process of the law
  • The right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment
  • The right to be free from torture
  • The right to freedom of speech
  • The right to freedom of thought
  • The right not to be prosecuted from your thoughts


The NCGR board's prohibited actions are an attempt to strip me from my position as a President on the Long Island Chapter of NCGR, my position on the National Board of NCGR, my position on the UAC planning committee and my position as a UAC presenter.  

This is an attempt to tarnish my reputation in the astrology community and my integrity as a human being, with no justified cause.


During the webinar you will hear my full story and you will be able to ask me questions to clarify whatever you are interested in. All the referenced materials will be presented. I am open to a reasonable public investigation of this matter.

You will have a chance to express your opinion on this matter openly.

Note: if you miss the live show, the recording will be available on this platform for your free preview.  

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
Science Based Astrologer

About the instructor

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau is a counseling Western astrologer and extrasensory practitioner with a degree in nuclear physics, as well as a writer, speaker and teacher. Originally from USSR, she currently practices and teaches astrology in New York. Her astrology study and counseling practice began over 30 years ago in Moscow, Russia. Her passion lies in deep investigation and explanation of how astrology works from a physics perspective. She is the author of ‘Physics of Astrology’ e-book series ( Nadia has been interviewed on various media channels, like TV, radio and YouTube. Nadia is a passionate astrology advocate. She has interviewed numerous brilliant international astrologers while promoting conferences on YouTube ( Nadia is a member of The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), as well as agent 777 at the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A).


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