Lunar Nodes in Astrology

The Power of the Vedic Lunar Nodes for Western Astrologers

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Corey Dowds is coming to us via cyber space!

Corey is highly recommended by Ryan Kurczak, as his former student of both kriya yoga and astrology. He is a vedic astrologer, who brings a mind blowing insight on Rahu and Ketu to the Western Astrology world. This knowledge will explode your chart! 

Live workshop: 

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Lunar Nodes for Beginners - Warm Up with Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM - The Power of the Vedic Lunar Nodes for Western Astrologers - 3 hour Workshop - by Corey Dowds

ATTENTION!!! Corey will be open for personal questions at the end of the workshop for an extra hour. Please have your chart and questions handy. 


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Get to know Corey:

About Lunar Nodes

The position of the lunar nodes, from each planet and each house, gives a direct glimpse into how we have lived out our past lives (Ketu) and how we are being called to fulfill a more balanced vision ourselves (Rahu). The nodes are key to learning and understanding the particular facets of our consciousness. The old interpretations of the nodes are outdated and in need of upgrading to be valid in our current age. A thorough analysis of how Rahu and Ketu practically relates to our life experience reveals a crystal clear map of Self-actualization, should we choose to follow it.

The position of the nodes by house and (tropical) sign, reveals the specific issues and growth potential our souls have chosen to attend to in this lifetime. The South Node is a store house of information related to the karmas we have hyper focused on throughout all our past lives. This can often be referred to as our "black hole", where we get stuck in the past, and where we retreat to when we feel uncertain. The North Node is the balancing point, the area of greatest development and potential. It is also the area of greatest uncertainty, because it is a frontier that our souls have never truly considered, but dearly long to explore. The North Node represents the deepest and most profound desires that, if actualized, can center our awareness in an abiding sense of balance and accomplishment. Growing into the North Node, shines the light on the shadows of our fears, and reveals that which we are truly capable.

Things you will learn:

  • What are Lunar nodes from astronomy and physics stand point
  • Where Lunar Nodes in our natal charts located
  • What Lunar Nodes in our natal chart mean
  • How to recognize your most creative potential  
  • What's the meaning of your life
  • Your Karmic path

Corey  Dowds
Corey Dowds
Vedic Astrology Teacher

About the instructors

Learn about Corey Dowds

Corey Dowds is a Tropical Vedic Astrologer trained and certified by Ryan Kurczak. Corey is truly passionate for the art and science of Astrology. He offers a deep understanding of planetary affect on our lives. His personal readings are accurate, concise, and with a spiritual slant. For more information, please visit

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
Science Based Astrologer

About the instructor

Nadia Smirnova-Mierau is a counseling Western astrologer and extrasensory practitioner with a degree in nuclear physics, as well as a writer, speaker and teacher. Originally from USSR, she currently practices and teaches astrology in New York. Her astrology study and counseling practice began over 30 years ago in Moscow, Russia. Her passion lies in deep investigation and explanation of how astrology works from a physics perspective. She is the author of ‘Physics of Astrology’ e-book series ( Nadia has been interviewed on various media channels, like TV, radio and YouTube. Nadia is a passionate astrology advocate. She has interviewed numerous brilliant international astrologers while promoting conferences on YouTube ( Nadia is a member of The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA), as well as agent 777 at the Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A).


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nice course

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nice course

by michelle nardo

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