Your Life's Blueprint

Learn Astrology and develop your extrasensory perception. 4 week course for beginners. It includes a personal mini reading.


Turning Points of Your Life .

If astrology works and one's life can be predicted where is FREE WILL? What happens to us at turning points of our life from astrology and physics perspective?


Strange Physics of Earth.

Once upon a time the Earth was pronounced flat, than round and hollow, than solid with a molted iron core. Is there a proof for any of these theories?


Physics & Astrology of LOVE

Do you know what love really is? Romantic love from the perspective of astrology and science.


Astrology, Science and Your Psychic Abilities - Part 1

Introduction to astrology and physics behind extrasensory perception


Astrology, Science and Your Psychic Abilities - Part 2

Workshop 3 .5 hours Science and astrology based techniques to train your ESP