Physics behind Astrology and ESP.

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Lunar Nodes in Astrology -- by Corey Dowds

The Power of the Vedic Lunar Nodes for Western Astrologers


The Astrological Biorhythm: The Progressed Moon by Declination -- Webinar by Eric Meyers

In addition to the cyclical motion around the chart, declination reveals the vertical dimension of height and depth. Cancer is at the northernmost declination, and Capricorn is southern.


Astrology, Science and Your Psychic Abilities - 3 parts course (about 9 hours)

Become a better psychic with astrology and science


Introduction to Physics of Astrology for ASNT

How astrology works? Introduction to scientific explanation of astrology.


Akashic records reading for current events and Covid-19

Pandemic, Social Distancing, Confusion... Akshic Records hold the answers about the deep meaning behind current events.